International Journal of Physics and Mathematics

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2022)

A new regression model for kumrsawamy pareto with application


Samy Abdelmoezz, Salah M Moham

In this research, a new regression model called Kumrsawamy Pareto regression was presented and some regression properties were completed, The parameters of the new regression were estimated by the Maximum likelihood. A simulation was made using the Monto Carlo method whereof (kwp) distribution applied to A set of real data with a view to of illustration is conducted Finally, the simulation study and its results using different R packages are obtained and displayed graphically.

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Samy Abdelmoezz, Salah M Moham. A new regression model for kumrsawamy pareto with application. Int. J. Phys. Math. 2022;4(1):21-29.